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Landscape Lighting in South FL

Landscaping Lighting Design and Installtion by Caner ElectricalLandscape lighting that has been professionally installed by a skilled electrician can give your property a whole new visual appeal. Working with clients directly, Caner Electrical is able to design a spectacular lighting display while keeping that personal touch. Quality landscape lighting adds enormous value to your home or business and can have a long lasting impression on your visitors. Investing in outdoor landscape lighting is a smart choice, especially here in South Florida where you can show it off 365 days of the year.

Caner Electrical has been designing and installing professional looking landscape lighting for over 20 years. Specializing in custom lighting design and installation, makes Caner Electrical the go to guys in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties. Whether you plan on selling your property or simply want to give your landscaping a facelift, landscape lighting is a great choice & investment. Outdoor landscaping lighting also provides your family with comfort, security, and safety to enjoy throughout the night.

Make your Home or Business Standout with Professionally Installed Landscape Lighting

Show off your homes attractive details or make your business look like a million bucks with outdoor landscape lighting. Highlighting areas of interest can attract focus or amplify certain features. For example a soft ambient light is great for entertaining and relaxing, while brighter lights are great for showing the surroundings. This can range from fountains, landscaping, statues and more. These rules apply for both residential homes and commercial businesses. Landscape lighting is a great investment in your properties curb appeal, which also provides comfort, safety and security. Become the envy of your block, if not the entire neighborhood.

Our professional design team will develop a combination of lighting that features style and usefulness to make your property glow! Caner Electrical’s goal with any lighting design is to introduce attractive new elements to the surroundings while also making it safer place when dark. You will always have full control over the lighting output, color and mood by using pre-set modes that can be changed depending on your preference or even outdoor activity.

Landscape Lighting that Provides Safety and Security for South FL Homes

Landscape lighting not only makes everything in its vicinity look great, but it also increases safety and security in the surrounding area. The ability to navigate easier at night by either foot or in a vehicle, where visibility is important, is a perfect example of additional outdoor safety feature that landscape lighting provides. Pathway lighting is an excellent solution to give a clear and safe route to every part of your property. This is vitally important to a business that is open late hours. Certain areas that are not well light are a formula for trouble.

In addition to using landscape lighting to make your property safer, the same techniques can be applied to provide additional security. Outdoor lighting installations can be setup to illuminate every inch of your property. Properly installed lighting can be your first line of defense and often is a good enough deterrent by itself. Our certified electricians and design experts will review your property and map out points of entry as well as areas that may be of interest to a trespasser. This includes cars, watercrafts, sheds or any personal belongings that could use an additional layer of security. Most crimes happen at night when it’s dark. Security lighting has been proven to prevent burglaries and vandalism. Add additional security and comfort for your family or business with professional lighting design, installed by certified electricians.

South Florida’s Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting Installations

Newer technology and ultra-efficient LED lighting has introduced a whole new way to keep your property safe, secure, and looking its best without increasing your electric bill. In fact replacing old and outdated landscape lighting and fixtures will save your hundreds over the years. Caner Electrical only uses low voltage and energy-efficient lighting which are both high-quality, durable and guaranteed a long life with little to no maintenance. The initial investment for a well-lit outdoor area will quickly outweigh the costs with lower monthly electricity bills, better property value and more security.

Landscape Lighting that Evolves Around You!

We guarantee all of our installations will meet your landscaping needs and also be completely future proof. Each installation provides the ability to adjust, relocate, add fixtures and grow your lighting as you feel the need or as your landscape changes or grows.

Our certified electricians can install, adjust, and maintain your landscape lighting for years to come. We’re not going anywhere; Caner Electrical has been in business for over 20 years and counting, and has recently expanded into the Fort Myers area. Whatever the installation may require: from new low voltage lines to lighting design and installation, we’ve got it covered. Caner Electrical also guarantees all of their work and parts carry a manufacturer’s warranty.  During the installation we are careful of existing landscaping and will respect you and your home or business like it’s one of own. Once everything is finished and the lighting installation or maintenance is complete, you won’t even know that we were there, except for the fact that your property looks extraordinary after the sun goes down...

The key to those remarkable looking landscaping jobs is having the proper lighting. Providing beauty, safety and security is reason enough to call today for more information. Landscape lighting takes the comfort and safety of daytime and extends it through the night. Caner Electrical is committed to helping you get professional results while saving money, energy and most

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Lighting Design and Installations Perfected!

Get the best, on time electrical service South Florida has to offer with Caner Electrical. Our top priority is keeping our customers happy with top notch customer service and quality work with every job we complete. Accomplished through certified electricians that have over 20 years of on the job experience. Caner Electrical is the best choice for landscape lighting design and installations. Design experts and certified electricians guarantee your new landscape lighting will be installed as planned and up to code. We strive for perfection with each and every electrical project we take on, this means it's completed on time and at an affordable price. Give Caner Electrical a call today: (561) 479-0601

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Landscape Lighting & Design Services Include:

  • Path and step lighting
  • Spot lighting and accent points
  • Area and flood lighting
  • Patio and deck lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Plant and garden bed accenting
  • Pool, pond, and fountain lighting
  • Shadowing and silhouetting
  • Up and down lighting
  • Safety and security lighting
  • Documentation For Low Voltage Rebates (when applicable)
  • Warranty on All Parts & Work Performed

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