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Electrical Panel Change/Upgrade

If you live in an older home, your home might have an outdated or obsolete electrical panel which uses fuses instead of breakers. If so, you should Contact Caner Electrical, and have the electrical panel replaced with one that uses circuit breakers instead of fuses. Fuses are considered a fire hazard and as a result most most insurance companies will not insure such a home. If you’re considering purchasing a home that still has fuses, have the owner convert to circuit breakers before purchasing so that you can be eligible for homeowners insurance. Another situation can arise when building any type of addition to your home or installing a new air conditioner unit, hot tub, or any other energy-consuming equipment. Your current electrical panel may not provide adequate electrical power, make sure to have a Caner certified electrician inspect your panel before new installations and upgrades. Standard electrical panels can provide 100 amps, 150 amps, 200 amps or even 400 amps of power, anything less is a violation of Florida Code Enforcement. When electrical demands exceed amperage capacity, the circuit breakers will trip whenever you attempt to power the appliance, leaving you without electricity. Before this happens Caner Electrical can upgrade your panel box and breakers to a higher amperage unit.

Most importantly owning a home with an old or obsolete panel can be very DANGEROUS! All circuit breakers are designed to trip quickly by turning the power off within a fraction of a second when there is a potential risk of fire or risk of a person getting electrocuted. In most cases, the breakers inside these old, obsolete panels can take a minute or more to turn off the power and, in some instances, will not shut the power off at all! We can't stress this enough, there is a very and present danger related to having these panels and breakers in your home or business. Someone could be electrocuted or the panel could cause an electrical fire.

Caner Electrical can Install a new electrical panel in your home or condo which will increase your safety and peace of mind, as well as increase the resale value of your property. Caner Electrical can remove your old panel and install a new top quality panel within the same day. This is done with as little disruption to your electric as possible. Caner Electric also guarantees to have your power back on before we leave your home or business.

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Make the right Choice with Caner's Electricians

Caner's electricians are responsive and reliable contractors with great work ethics and even better prices! Caner Electrical has been doing business in South Florida for over 17 years and know exactly what to look for when changing or upgrading your electrical panel. This means our electricians are the fast and efficient, saving you time and money! We guarantee to have your new electrical panel installed and your electricity back the same day!

Electrical Panel Upgrade Services Include:

Same Day Installation Means Less time Without Power

A Thorough Inspection of the Panel (circuit breaker) Box

Upgrade Old & Obsolete Panels for New Construction or Equipment

Adding or Upgrade to a 240v Circuit

Adding Sub Panels

Reduce Overloaded Breakers that Trip Often

Adding More Circuits or Outlets

Back-up Generator Panel Upgrade

New Air Conditioning (HVAC) Panel Upgrade

Code Enforcement Compliance

New Appliance Panel Upgrade

Eliminate Excessive Extension Cord Usage

Hot Tub Panel Upgrade

Documentation Needed for Homeowners Insurance

Written Estimate of Any Repairs Needed

Warranty on All Parts & Work Performed

Most Importantly Peace of Mind

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